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Immediately · after · the · monsters, · die · the · heroes.

This internal monologue is cramping my style.

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I dont think i have ever gotten such spontaneous chills in a cinema theater before, just by watching the opening credits of a movie. Yesterday was a beginning of an end of an era, and i wept. i realize that i want that kind of friendship, and i already, blessedly, have it. i want that kind of magic, and i have it, it's all in my head & wrapped up in my imagination. i wanted to be part of something bigger, and i am.

as i am forced to turn my attention from the magic that is unfolding on big screens to my books, i will remember that Hermione Granger is my academic hero and be inspired. (and that Emma Waston is in Brown!! smart ass on screen AND in real life!!)

while a thousand of quotes run through my head ('cause that's what Hermione does, when in doubt, go to the library!') ('there's more to being a great wizard than books or cleverness!') i think i'll pick this one to end this entry with:


"Why do you live?"

"Because I have Something worth living for."

because at the end of the day, if you live for nothing, you will die for nothing, and life is more than just a grade, or a fandom (no matter how great), or a number on the weighing scale. life is so much more than that.

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you need to listen really hard when the wind tries to tell you something, because usually, it is something worth listening out for.

for example, it may tell you to shut the windows before the rain comes in. or to warn everyone else that a hurricane is on the way. but most of the time, i heard it whispering and yowling in turns; telling me to live as free as possible. and do it now, because later will never be a good enough time for it.

right now it's blowing it's worth outside my block, swirling in my room, bringing with it what came from far far away; stories, scents, ashes and it's cool lingering touch. and with the company of the wind, i feel like i can do anything.

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my heart reaches out for things that i cannot have.
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EXCITING THINGS ARE HAPPENING. :D i just cant be bothered to elaborate.
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but to me; it means the world of difference.

some people walk in the rain; others just get wet. -Roger Miller

i contemplated it today, but i decided no. i would not put my faith in film;  i cannot capture rain. the sleets and sheets of it; imprints in the air, the pattern and sound of it as it hits the pavement; the feel of it as it is blown across your skin. luxurious, but film will do it no justice. it is beautiful, and the favourite part of my day is after the rain.

He who marries on a rainy day will be happy for the rest of his life
is a french proverb. alluring idea but i cannot see the logic in this.

i ran in the rain today. my sneakers are soaked and my body is still cold. i wish for another chance for wild abandonment; imagine sitting in pouring rain, soaked to the skin. do it for fun, for the experience, and not because you're an emo kid with a razor and a broken heart.

said a friend to me: I want to live for moments that take your breath away.

But what do you say to taking chances,
What do you say to jumping off the edge?
Never knowing if there's solid ground below
Or hand to hold, or hell to pay,
What do you say, What do you say?

i need stars. don't you? i need them to remind me that there is beauty in this world, despite the pain. to guide me and tell me where to go, to keep me alive, to renew every night my faith in miracles. i miss the stars.
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Taking Chances, The Killers, Metric
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the shirt said: i love you... more than a friend.
she said: guys have become so dense now that we have to spell it out on our shirts.
this world is sad.
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i (finally) did some research on university courses for local unis.
i realise that there doesnt seem to be a university which allows me to choose interesting minor courses like Archaeology  which would validate my desire to go to a carribbean island and dig for pirate gold.
you see, when i grow up and little kids ask me what do i work as, i want to be able to truthfully and proudly tell them something interesting. "i dig for pirate treasure" is much cooler than "i am a banker/accountant/insert desk job here" (no offence dude) it is also more possible than "i breed unicorns in my backyard."

oh hot dang, i would love to do cryptozoology. but i think i'm too much of a chicken to trek through haunted jungles to find out whether the man eating half gaint bat half alligator really exists.

shoutout: what are you going to study in uni?
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bad day at work
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i used to run away.
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Today, i sat next to a suspicious character on the bus. he said into the phone, in an undertone, 'the transfer has been made. give me thirty.'  30k as in dollars as in thirty thousand dollars? 30 grams (or kilograms? that's enough to fill the veins of 300people for 3years. or more.) of heroine? 30 packets of contraband ciggys? 30 rare butterfly specimens? 30 bottles of moonshine whiskey malt drink-me potion?
and then he went to sleep. i listened to his mp3 music (bad romance by lady gaga) on the one hour journey home becase it was loud and i forgot to bring music.

Thus ends yet another, i would sms you now but you're in Taiwan oh damnit, moment.

Yours Sincerely,
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i miss having purpose to my life. this is not to say i miss studying. i dont. but i miss having an objective, having daily routines, having the guarantee that i will see a specific group of friends every day in the void deck. and oh boy, i miss some friends so much.

but that aside, after a levels has been a ball. i havent felt so drained / exhausted / tired from social gatherings and outings since... i dont think it has ever been so intense before. 

hours i've spent saving the world:
1. christmas, 3 hours
2. boxing day, 4 hours
3. second day of the new year, 6 bloody hours. ha, pun.

no more L4D2 for awhile. overkill. ha, pun.
i hate swamp fever.
fern just msged me that 'paul wants to play L4D too(2!) get the pun?'  
me: 'ha, pun.'

there's work tmr.

i made a bunny scarf out of red tartan cloth. it looks.... badly made. which reduces cute factor.

i have not done 2009 shoutouts. not in right frame of mind to do it now. but, (shamelessly plugging) click for my 2009 organiser.  community.livejournal.com/organizers/731905.html 

should stop talking now. considering that my brain feels like mushrooms. mush. ha, pun. bad pun.

kthnxbyenights, tralala, drunk.
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